Typically molossoid breed with powerful bones, rectangular and compact
structure but harmonious and proportional. Added to his massivenes a great
agility can be easily seen. Bitches must show a well-defined femininity which
differentiates them immediately from males.
Outstanding courage, determination, and bravery are part of his characteristics.
He is docile and obedient to his owners and family and extremely tolerant with
children. His faithfulness became a Brazilian proverb. He shows a calm
diposition, self-assurance, and self-confidence, not being disturbed by strange
noises nor when facing a new environment. An unsurpassed guardian of
property, he is also inclined, by instinct, to hunt big game and to herd cattle.
The Fila has a long reach and elastic gait which reminds one of the great cats`
movements. His main characteristic is the pace ( camel's gait ), moving two legs
of one side first, followed by the two legs of the other side which causes a rolling
lateral movement of the thorax and hindquarters accentuated by the tail when it
is raised. During the walk he maintains the head lower than the back line. He
shows a smooth, free, and long reaching trot with a powerful stride. His gallop is
powerful with an unsuspectedspeed coming from such a large and heavy dog.
The Fila Brasileiro's gait is always influenced by its typically mossoloid
articulations which give the impression, and in fact it is true, of effectively
permitting him sudden and swift changes in direction.
The Fila's head is heavy and massive, always proportionate to the body. Seen
from above, it resembles a trapezoidal figure in which the head appears
pear-shaped. From a side view, muzzle and skull should have approximately the
proportion of one to one, or with the first being slightlysmaller than the second
From a front view it is pratically non-existent. The medium furrow runs up
smoothly until approximately the halfway markof the skull. From a side view
the stop is low, sloping, and virtually formed by the very well-developed
eyebrow ridges.
In repouse it is calm, noble, and full of self-assurance, never disclossing a bored
nor absent expression. When in attention, the expression should reflect
determination and allertness with a firm and piercing look in his eyes.
The profile shows a smooth curve from the stop to the occiput which is
well-defined and salient, especially in puppies. From a front view the skull is
wide, ample with the upper line slightly curved. The lateral lines descend
slightly curved, almost in a vertical line, narrowing toward the muzzle, never
showing a stop.
Strong, broad, and deep, always in harmony with the skull. From a top view it
is full under the eyes, very slightly narrowing toward the middle of the muzzle
and slightly broadening againg until reaching the front curve. From a side view
the bridge of the muzzle and slightly broadening again until reaching the front
curve. From a side view the bridge of the muzzle is straight or has a Roman
nose, but never in an ascendant line. The front line of the muzzle is close to a
perpendilacular line in relation to the superior line, showing a slight depression
rigth under the nose. A perfect curve is formed by the upper lips which are
thick and pendulous, drooping over the lower lips giving shape to the lower line